Differences Between Interior Design & Interior Decoration

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Interior designing. Interior decorating. Is there a difference between the two? Aren’t they somewhat similar?

The answer is yes, there is a difference between the two. The difference is simple – interior decorators adorn your home with carefully selected pieces to complete an aesthetic appeal. Interior designs are the decorations or furnishings which adorn that space you call a home, and the individuals who help with this aspect are called interior designers.

It is a common misconception to have those two terms interchangeable with one another, and you might argue that this is so because the distinction between the two professions are on a subtler level.

If you aren’t familiar with this industry, it is easy to mistake the two for being more or less the same thing. Especially when it comes to differentiating the roles and responsibilities of an interior decorator and an interior designer.

Here are some of the major differences which can be highlighted to help you better distinguish between interior designing and an interior decorator:

Interior Decorator

• An individual who holds a qualification. This qualification is commonly a degree or an advanced diploma.
• Qualified to assess the different aspects of your home and interior spaces to see how it should decorated and laid out.
• Detail oriented and well-versed in lighting, design, colors, finishes, materials, furnishings and more.
• Assist clients when it comes to selecting a colour scheme, style, furnishings and accessorize to help them bring the room they have envisioned in their minds and make it a reality.
• The main focus for an interior decorator would be the aesthetics of a space.

Interior Design

• The art and the science which goes into efforts made to enhance the interiors of a space or building with the right furniture and decorative items to make it an aesthetically pleasing environment to behold.
• It is considered a profession which is multifaceted, and can include conceptual development, research, space planning and even site inspections.
• Generally follows a systematic approach, and a coordinated methodology involving the skills mentioned in the point above to meet the needs of the client.
• Designs involved in this process are required to adhere to certain regulatory requirements. It is more than just picking out furniture and sticking it where there’s an available space.
• Professionals in this field are referred to as interior designers (again, not to be mistaken with interior decorators), and they hold a tertiary qualification in which they are qualified to professionally assess every aspect of how interior spaces are used and laid out.
• Interior designers are usually individuals who work on a standalone basis, and the primary function of their role is usually to make the necessary improvements needed on a building, unlike an interior decorator.
• An interior designer (again, unlike a decorator) work to create an environment which is safe, functional, efficient and comfortable at the same time.

Though there may be differences between the two, there is still one thing which interior decorators and interior designers have in common – both are capable of completely transforming the way a room looks and feels in a way none of us regular people without an eye for these things will ever be able to do.

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